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released October 24, 2015

Recorded at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen
Engineered and mixed by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen
Mastered by Caley Monahon-Ward

All songs composed and performed by BIG FIGMENT:
Jennae Santos — Guitar, Vocals
Peter Longofono — Bass, Vocals
Andrew Linn — Trumpet, Synth
Adam Pin — Drums

Additional sounds and effects by Oliver Ignatius, Chris James, sizzling bacon, running water, matches, a gas range, carbonated beverages, and eggs.

Album art by Alex Ariza, Jennae Santos, and Ryan Santos Phillips
Layout by Alex Ariza

Some rights reserved under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License — free to share and adapt for any purpose, provided that it’s accompanied by proper credit and link to the license



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.




"...a mix of Seventies jazz fusion and funky prog-rock [...] a trippy journey where Miles vibes with Maria Muldaur and everybody at the party gets really stoned."
— Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

"...a leg from jazz, a belly from prog rock, a hand from pop, a punk forearm."
— Daniel Siuba, Auric Mess
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Track Name: Cut Knuckle
[there is no escape. we pay for the violence of our ancestors.]

whispers drip down the soldiers. you came to battle the sun. dead red licks down his shoulders. traded your sword for the gun.
what now? remember my face, i'm comin' straight for you.
my bullet, my blade, my lyrical cut knuckle blues.
little shadows soak the wall. a gash in the smoke screams virus. little shadows soak the wall. a gash in the smoke screams o.

all her bones break me. silver shivers held her vertebrae. a sclera spinning red. o o all her bones take me. static fibre gloaming radio. her eyes spin webs of red.

high noon spurs whimper war cries. still as the grave, he suspends time and space in a barrel. here's the beginning of the end.
fall down! a story to scar, aimed at the heart of you. my clever remark 'bout how my blade slice right through.

he said don't worry, i'll be home soon. i'm not gonna lose you too.

[jokers, teasers, rebels, and imps and lilliputians, pests and celestines, seraphim, assassins, rough necks, thugs and archers]
Track Name: Kitty
[a girl gave birth to a cat this morning. what matters is that it occured.]

i'm gonna try to bite you now. i'm gonna try to hunt you down. the salt water floods the veins in my gums. magnify these sharp pupils with animation.

[found expression in the tearing of it's placenta, the corners of its lips oozed celestial harmony]

there's a new queen on the playground! this is the place my claws penetrate the walls! black warrior paint for the showdown! let my striped face be feared by all!

[she was not told, she could not be told. she knew it by its inhuman wailing a0Oah and pregnant women came from hazy distances]

i'm gonna try to bite you now! i'm gonna try to hunt you down! i can smell rushing blood and a fear thick as mud. see i'm seething for meat at the tip of my tongue.

[they carried tin foil souvenirs. quadrapeds that could be interpreted as cats]

everything is a toy! hey! hey! play with me! i'm a cat!!

[her face, Egyptian by lamplight recedes planetary in its emotionless glow. the nurses say she shines like Venus. the cat, blind, begins to cough]
Track Name: Bug Zapper
neurostatic states sing into my mouth. we shudder, we brave the depths and the doubts. i know all the ways to make you run. persuading your fate to suck on my gun.

i like the way you bite the bullet, i do. your kiss shoots amber bright. all i ever wanted was to know what's inside of you. my favorite place to put my knife/mouth.

red summer night's swing. the bug zapper lights. o we could be stars that have already died. my sharp wanderings. hallucinate as we make. my head keens the dream as bare bodies dry.

serenade the trigger in illuminating whispers and oos. a mulch floor maker's play. tiny little teeth and black eyes left him grey and confused. under the ice she lays no mama

no. oo yeah. she was a singer, she was my friend waiting woodenly to break him. her boy soaked through her, she feared in him salty spike punched blood beneath.

she bit her folks afire. she bit her folks a fire. o how it goes and it's never ever ever gonna stop and we don't wanna feel anything but good tonight. east of eden she planted a seed. east of eden she took the lead. she's got him under her spell, she's got fuckin tricks. she bit, she bit, she bit.
Track Name: Beast
frozen were my feet. she took me for a drive. we spun through the rain, enraptured by the light. and i can hear your feet tread softly over ground. who's the beast behind the sound? i don't doubt you now.
Track Name: Peekaboo
i understand you. i understand when you're sad. but we're here to help you feel good.

as a matter of fact, i've had this dream before. you would not believe where i woke up. he bends the light in my room. dancin on the line, sometimes i sneak a peek. i knew a real sad man. he kept it under covers.

all i want is to soothe you. cross eyed lovers get loose all you toons. there's a blurry star in your hands. your eyes contain a forestfull.

as a matter of truth, i dare not speak aloud. can't say my body left my heart. i needed it to be you. he's standin there all night so slowly melting grin. like styrafoam, the burns curl in. and they're all watching.

all i want is to move you. slow motion explosion on my cue. there's a hypnic jerk in my bed. your mouth contains a poemfull.

i put my hands in the river. i felt the force of your stars. i put my head in the river. canyons of sorry sheets whisper to me through. i put her head in the river. i felt the force of your stars slowly reversing.
Track Name: Cookin
i am the one who knocks.
i was good, i was alive. blue baby blue, they all knew you. crystal cooked out of the white. i beat cancer, a working flip in metal order, barrels of millions. please give it all to my kids.

the learn'd astronomer is falling down down down. my brother found the truth and it shot him out.

i choke choke choke choke choke choke choke choke choke choke choke choke. i was there, i watched her choke. on a holler of freedom, he drives a new sun as all desert secrets unfold. i teach teach teach teach teach teach teach teach teach teach teach teach. i was a teacher, i was a joke. bodies burn bath tubs, don't tell my son of any and all crimes i wrote 'cause i did.

i've heard the road to freedom is a long slow death. we used to be a family. the exile leaves his hat on the kitchen floor. before i go you'll all know why and what for.

[here is where things become very unclear. it is either often aaabrrrrrrrrroooopp! the tree appears to be lit from the inside. since i no longer think of reality as reality, what reason do i have to think of dreams as dreams? which is wickeder? when i sip your boils, do you retract like the doe's enrosarized pupil? things are gonna be different from now on. who are the rabbled and who are the ruled? having rescued a quantity of fresh water, my experience was finding you thirsty and just dead. i'm not referring to how to insult one's host at a dinner party. i'm referring to that special moment when a creative flowering seems to issue forth from the social nexus. if i no longer think of reality as reality, what reason do i have to think of dreams as dreams?]

i am the one who knocks knocks knocks.

[he stood just beyond an unfixed horizon, and she felt that if she strained her talents to an unexpected intensity, she might see him. he was there, a constant assault on her awareness. fierce, dangerous, immoral.]